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A Holding Company:

PrivaCom Ventures, Inc. is a holding company for Infrastructure businesses. Whether it's electric power, telecommunications, fiber optics, wireless networks, Petro-Chemical Pipe lines, storage tanks, purchasing cables & equipment, large or small: PrivaCom Ventures has the experience to design it, build it, operate it, supply it, or fix it.

For over 20 years, PrivaCom Ventures has designed, built and even financed large-scale projects for its own companies, other Utilities & manufacturers. Not many Infrastructure companies have their own Venture Capital Group, even less have been successful. PrivaCom Ventures is a bottom line company that understands infrastructure projects from the unique point of view of engineers who know and live: Business Plans, Venture Capital, Finances, EBITDA, Profit & Loss Statements, Balance Sheets, Tax Implications, Public & Private Corporate Obligations to Investors, Environmental, and even the legal implications of simple or complex projects.

Have Engineers: Will Travel

No stranger to danger or controversy: pictured above, Privacom Ventures provided expert engineering services on the Chalillo Dam Project in Belize Central America for the Fortis Corporation. Built by the People's Republic of China for the Belizean Power Authorities, this dam is located deep in the Central American jungle in one of the most sensitive environmental zones in the world. PrivaCom Ventures' engineers provided expert design, materials ordering, project controls, and on site field engineering & construction services on this project for the Fortis Corporation.

PrivaCom designed the fiber optic communications cables that connected the dam and the main lower power station located over 10 miles away in dense Jungle and mountainous terrain. PrivaCom trained the native workers to install advanced fiber optic installation equipment, while at the same time, dealing with extremely hazardous conditions. The PrivaCom Engineer dealt with Jaguars, killer bees, crocodiles, mountainous cliffs, even attacks by hostile gunman operating along the Belize Border. Yet the project went in properly: on time and within budget.

If you have a difficult project, no matter where it is, you need to talk to us. We have available some of the best engineers in the world for your projects. Experience not in years, but in decades with all types of Infrastructure technologies. Don't reinvent the wheel, or end up with costly over-runs; let us help you to succeed.

Financial Expertise:

If you are a financial institution looking to invest in infrastructure businesses, let PrivaCom Ventures help you understand your investment risks. We are available to study your investment opportunity and provide you with a Risk vs Reward analysis. It's cheap advice that will keep you from taking a large loss: or even worse.

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